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Onion tart Alsace quiche Lorraine recipe recipes

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Onion tart Alsace quiche Lorraine baking recipe recipes

Federweisser wine, a grape must which is just undergoing fermentation, does not only has a befuddling effect, but it also influences the process of digestion. That is why it is recommendable, to enjoy Federweisser together with rich meals containing fat. According to the tradition, the combination Federweisser and hearty onion tart is preferred. The onion tart is known as Alsace quiche in the Alsace and in the Rhon mountains, the onion tart is called "Zwiebelsploatz". Other varieties are for example quiche lorraine (bacon cake) or liver sausage with potatoes.

According to the region, the baking recipes for onion tart differ throughout Germany. However, the ingredients of the dough and the topping are mostly identical, no matter if Badisch, Swabian, Westphalian, Rhinegau, Mainzer, Palatinate or Rhine-Palatinate onion tart.

For the yeast dough, you need flour, yeast (yeast cubes or dry yeast), lukewarm water or lukewarm milk, salt as well as butter, margarine, lard or butter lard. If you prefer the dough to be golden brown and a little bit softer, you can add an egg or egg yolk to it. The addition of a little bit sugar makes the dough a bit sweeter.

As ingredients for the topping, you need onions, bacon, sour cream, or crème fraîche, eggs and as spices salt and pepper, according to the individual taste also caraway (whole or powdered), nutmeg, coriander or majoram. If you like to, you can also add other herbs such as parsley or chives.

Concerning the kitchenware, you need a dough bowl, a cooking pot or a pan, a bowl for the onion mass as well as a baking sheet for the preparation. The particular amount of the ingredients is not only dependent on the number of people, but also if the dough should be thicker or thinner.

First, you prepare a pre-dough. Sive the flour into a bowl, add yeast and stir everything up together with water or milk. The water resp. the milk should neither be too hot nor too cold. Let the dough rest at a warm place. In early times, the dough was very often put under blankets. After about 15 minutes, melted butter or lard is mixed together with salt, the rest of the water and, if you want to, egg yolk. The dough should be kneaded until bubbles start to develop.

While you let the dough rest a second time, you need to prepare the topping. Cut bacon into cubes, cut onions into cubes or rings and let them stew in a pan or cooking pot together with melted lard or butter. Add sour cream to the onion mass and put salt, pepper and if you want to, also other herbs into it.

Before the dough is rolled out on the lightly greased baking sheet, it has to be kneaded again for a short time. On the baking sheet, the dough is pierced with a fork and a small edge has to be formed. The topping has to be put on the rolled-out dough and afterwards, the whole tart has to be baked in the pre-heated oven at about 200 degrees about 30 to 45 minutes.

A very special kind of onion tart is called Alsace quiche, which is not only known in France but also in Germany. Alsace quiche is also very often served together with Federweisser wine. For the preparation of the Alsace quiche, you need the same ingredients as for the onion tart. The only difference is that the onion tart is rolled out to a round flat dough-cake whereas the Alsace quiche has a rather thick dough. Quiche Lorraine is also made from shortcrust or puff pastry and it does not have onions in it.

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