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Federweisser Sauser Suser Sturm Rauscher Bremser Bitzler New Wine

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Federweisser Sauser Suser Sturm Raucher Bremser Bitzler fresh wine

Federweisser wine is grape must which is just undergoing the process of fermentation. Grape must is the juice of the wine grapes which is gained after the pressing of grapes. After corresponding treatment and storing, the must would become wine after finishing the process of fermentation. Because of this, Federweisser is not especially produced as some kind of drink but as an early product of wine production.

The fermentation causes the splitting of the fructose of the grapes in alcohol and carbon dioxide. Because of the yeast bacteria in the must, the fermentation goes on very quickly. That is why Federweisser is vindicable only a couple of days. But cool storage can lengthen the process of fermentation. In the refrigerator, Federweisser can be kept about 10 days.

The grape must is considered "Federweisser" wine as soon as the alcohol concentration is about 4 to 5 %. In the beginning, it tastes quite sweet. During the process of fermentation, the sweetness subsides. Due to the concentration of carbon dioxide, Federweisser tastes very prickly and tangy. Because of the high carbon dioxide concentration, a corking or air tight closure of the Federweisser is not possible. Especially during times of past, this caused a transportation problem. Federweisser could only be offered regionally and was limited. Today, modern mechanical devices make it possible to sell Federweisser practically everywhere. But the Federweisser tastes best when it comes fresh from the vine-dresser like for example at the Federweisser vintage festival in Bacharach on the Rhine River.

The yeast gives the Federweisser a dimish look. Because of the whirled yeast particles which look like small white feathers, this drink is called "Federweisser" (Feather-white). According to the region, the drink is also called "Sauser" or "Suser" (Switzerland and Southwest Germany), as "Sturm" (Austria), as "Bremser" (Franconia), as "Rauscher", "Brauser", "Bitzler" (Palatinate) or just just "new wine" resp. "de Neie" (Palatinate, meant is Federweisser and not the ripened, young wine).

Due to the high concentration of vitamins, minerals and micro elements, Federweisser is a very healthy drink. It also has a purifying effect. But because of its very befuddling effect, you should drink it only in moderation. Especially the sweetness of Federweisser can seduce you to drink too much of it. It is recommendable to enjoy Federweisser together with very rich meals. According to tradition, specialties like onion tart, which is known as "quiche Alsace" in Alsace and in the Rhon mountains as "Zwiebelsploatz", quiche Lorraine or liver sausage with potatoes are served together with Federweisser wine.

Federweisser is predominantly offered as a product made from white wine grapes. But it can also be produced from red grapes. According to the winegrowing area, Federweisser is not available year-round, but after the grape harvest from the end of August / beginning of September ( mostly from southern winegrowing areas like Italy) until the end of October , Federweisser can be bought, before in the month of November, the ripened, young wine will take its place. In Germany, the young wine is called "Primus" or the "Young" or "New One". The most famous young wine is the Beaujolais Primeur.

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